About Sian

(pronounced Shawn)

My mother brought me to my first yoga class when I was twelve. Throughout my life I have returned to my yoga practice again and again, finding many benefits along the way.

In 2009 I was struck with severe vertigo, which made it impossible for me to function in everyday life. I searched for many months for a way back to balance and discovered that I needed not only to find balance physically, but also mentally and spiritually as well. 

On my journey to recovery, I attended a 10 day course at Dhamma Torana, near Barrie, where I began practicing Vipassana meditation. The lesson that came to me during this retreat was, “Share your merits”. I thought about the things I love to do and singing and yoga were at the top of the list. With a group of like minded friends, the album “Sacred Spaces” came into existence. This beautifully recorded collection of mantras can be found on www.spiritlegend.com.

As a long time practitioner of yoga, it made sense to me continue working with it, even though there were many postures that I was unable to practice due to the dizziness. Yoga became my rehabilitation tool and it worked so well, I decided to obtain my RYT200 certification. 

Since completing my E-RYT200, I have continued my training to include Chi Yoga Teacher training, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher training, Senior Yoga Teacher training and most recently, Gentle Yoga Teacher training.


When something works, one wants to share. It’s that simple.