Yoga and Wellness with Sian

When practiced regularly, yoga can bring many benefits to your life. You can experience improved flexibility, strength and breathing capacity, at any age or physical ability. People lead stressful lives and the practice of yoga and meditation can help relieve that stress.

Sian Wilson is an E-RYT200 registered yoga teacher and has expanded her education to include Chi Yoga Teacher training, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher training and Senior Yoga Teacher training and most recently, Gentle Yoga Teacher training. Located in Bridgenorth Ontario, Sian has practiced yoga and meditation for over 35 years. 

 The most effective therapy against stress

Having a regular Yoga practice can reduce the physical effects of stress on our bodies by:

1) Lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol
2) Lowering blood pressure
3) Slowing down your heart rate. 

The benefits of these three levels being dropped are: an improvement in immune function and digestion, an easing of anxiety, depression and insomnia, a decrease in both physical and emotional distress.

Personal training
One on one training is available in your own home. The cost is $55.00 per class.


Drop in rate $17.00, or $13.00 per class when you sign up for a session. Sessions are 2 months long. Get a 5 class pass for $65.00.